Jena Dee, an apparel and graphic designer.

Jena's work is a result of multidisciplinary experience based in fashion, graphic design and fine art.  Her love of the arts is combined with a high level of technical skill gained through a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and Fashion Design and Marketing Diploma.  She is resourceful in her approach and happiest when creating, whether it be for the apparel, home or gift market.

Jena's style typically evokes a hand drawn, irregular quality and strong contrast.  She continually draws inspiration from the world around her - from the everyday quirks of life, to childhood memories, to her favourite travel adventures. 

As a result of extensive experience in a variety of different markets, Jena is confident in taking on any new challenges that come her way.  Previous client services include:

  • Graphic Design - Fashion & Print

  • Surface Design - Fashion & Home/Gift

  • Apparel Design - Sportswear, Activewear, Outdoor

  • Branding - Logo Design, Concept Design, Web

  • Wholesale Collateral - Lookbooks, Digital Emails/Ads



"Jena has supported my company for over a year and in that time I have  witnessed first-hand her outstanding graphic and design talents.  More importantly I have recognized her ability to get inside the DNA of a brand and truly reflect it in her work.  She is so much more than a top rate graphic artist and as a result I have entrusted her with web design, social media, digital ad design, branding and all PR/wholesale/retail print collateral for Lusomé.  Jena has demonstrated passion and dedication to her work and conducts herself like it is her own company.  She brings a professional approach and positive energy to each and every project she is tasked with.  She needs very little direction, interprets needs and over delivers every time.  Jena has the skills and abilities to add to any business with her diverse and interconnected expertise."

- Lara Smith, CEO of Lusomé 


"I worked with Jena on a couple of different projects, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services as a multidisciplinary designer. She has a true passion for design and she is an amazing person to work with! She has fantastic communication skills and can translate client needs into the exact assets that they need.

- Ana Caracaleanu, Business Strategist and Consultant


"Jena is a delight to work with, she is professional and always delivers on time. Most importantly, her work is stunning!  It's rare that a person has all the qualities Jena does; from the excellence of her designs, to her friendly personality, Jena goes above and beyond."

- Ever Hobbes, Web Developer


“Jena brings a unique perspective to the role of designer: she can think in 3-D and sees design through a lens of wonderful colour while maintaining a vision complementary to her clients’ wishes.  Her designs are like a refreshing breath of magic in a sometimes black-and-white world.”

- Vicki Hegedus, Lethbridge College

“Jena is strong, determined, and amazingly creative. I have known and worked with her for several years and her boundless energy and enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me. She inspires all she works with to achieve more than they thought possible. She works equally well independently as within a team and is always willing to share her knowledge and skills with others. Jena thinks big, beyond boundaries, and combines this with minute attention to detail and exquisite work. She has extremely strong work ethics, is passionately dedicated to her career, understands what it takes to succeed, and takes on each challenge with gusto. She is one of the most genuinely happy people I know and one cannot help but adore her.”

- Brenda Brandley, Design Faculty, Lethbridge College